Applications built upon CAST Platform

CAST Schema

CAST Schema is a simple and easy-to-use tool for graph data visualization and analysis. It provides various graph layouts such as circle, peacock, neato, sfdp, grid (some of them defined by Graphviz library) to display grahps in readable way. Elements such as pallete of elements and tools, advanced selection mechanism, properties view for each element types bring to a user a rich graph editing support. Besides that, CAST Schema contains tabular overview of a diagram and a few analytical tools, f.g. graph statistics, summary.

Download last version of CAST Schema for MS Windows: CAST Schema

LINK Criminal Analysis Tool

LINK is a comprehensive data analysis platform aimed to aid criminal analysis. It has been developed using CAST platform with a close cooperation of Polish Security Services.

The basic version of the system provides a set of tools for integrating, processing and visualizing data which may originate from various sources (e.g. phone billings, bank account statements, address books, etc.) LINK is an extensible platform, based on plug-in architecture. It allows for integrating new tools for automatic or semi-automatic data analysis as well as enhancing existing ones. Such tools may be provided by third party vendors and combined with others in order to extract relevant information from a large volume of data.

LINK home page: